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At Coblentz Leather, our products are crafted for longevity. With meticulous attention to detail, we ensure durability and reliability, offering peace of mind that lasts a lifetime.

A Design That Last A Lifetime

Our designs at Coblentz Leather endure the test of time. Built with durability in mind, our products provide lasting satisfaction, sparing you from frequent replacements.

Functional & Stylish

Functional yet stylish, our leather goods offer enduring solutions. From belts to backpacks, each item is designed to complement your lifestyle, providing lasting utility and satisfaction.

What Our Customers Are Saying

February 8, 2024
Friendly, knowledgeable staff 😁 all belts are interchangeable for buckles, with a lifetime guarantee. Reasonable pried, the do make leather cell phone cases and hats, bagels ,purses and other items. Not a huge store but good quality. Recommended for anyone needing good quality, not hard to find at all.
Debbie Brown
Debbie Brown
January 22, 2024
Really nice
Jeffie L
Jeffie L
December 19, 2023
Stopped in on 12/15/2023 to buy a belt. I needed one made of heavy leather to use as a gun belt. They had exactly what I wanted and it's really a beautiful belt to boot. No rough leather anywhere, front back or edges. The young lady that was helping me cut the belt off for me and punched the holes after I selected the belt. She then stained the cut edge to match the rest of the leather edges. Quality hardware as well But we didn't stop with the belt. I also had to have a small zippered leather pouch to use as a pocket organizer. And my wife bought an eye glass case and it and the zippered pouch were both made of a soft buttery feel very supple leather. My wife also found a purse that she fell in love with so we bought it also. It an awesome bag made of a very nice heavy leather. Yes it was expensive ($349), at least for us, but we bought it without hesitation as we were and still are confident it will last many many years and probably become a coveted item to be inherited when our time comes to depart this big blue rock!!! My $43 dollar belt purchase escalated to $430 plus tax before we left, but not one cent of that do we regret spending! Wonderful materials and craftsmanship and super nice friendly folks that are very knowledgeable of their craft. Stop in, you wont regret it ! And oh by the way, the belts have a lifetime warranty!!!
Laureen Ayala
Laureen Ayala
December 6, 2023
Hugh quality leather goods. A large variety and reasonably priced
Robert Coleman
Robert Coleman
December 1, 2023
Great place, quality leather, nice employees!!
Michelle Conley
Michelle Conley
November 2, 2023
Staff always helpful and friendly and their products are quality!

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Please receive our leather products as a gift from our family to your family.

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